Golf Simulators in Downtown Ottawa

Golf Simulators in Downtown Ottawa

We believe downtown Ottawa deserves the best golf simulation available, defined by the quality of presentation and true-to-life ball flight. Nothing disconnects you from the experience like an inaccurate shot or playing on a course that looks like a level out of a video game.

Golf is a game of precision; a few degrees change in measurement of movement can mean the difference between hitting the green or the bunker beside it. Designed and manufactured by Interactive Sports Technologies Inc. (IST), High Definition Golf simulators include the most thorough and precise club and ball tracking system, utilizing IST High Speed Spectrum Sensor technology™. Widely recognized as the technological leader in the golf simulator industry, the measurement, accuracy and realism of HD Golf simulators is unparalleled.

It’s one thing for a simulator to play realistically, but feeling like you’re on location takes the experience to the next level. HD Golf combines high-resolution imagery with geophysical and satellite data in order to create accurate course reproduction. The result is a photorealistic image that transports you to one of over 20 championship courses from around the world.

Whether you’re a scratch golfer looking to recreate your golf trip to Pebble Beach or just want to hit the driving range, our High Definition Golf simulators will give you the closest to life golf experience available.

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