The FreshTAP Wine Difference

FreshTAP Wine Ottawa

Ordering a glass of wine at a restaurant can be a bit of a gamble from a taste-quality standpoint. Was the bottle opened a half an hour ago, or two days ago? Oxidization plays a large role in the way a wine tastes and it begins the moment a bottle has been uncorked.

We’re proud to be one of Ottawa’s first restaurants to serve FreshTAP wine.

Unlike bottle or other bag-in-box tapped wine service, FreshTAP wine is never exposed to oxygen until the moment it’s poured. This means that every glass poured from our kegs is as fresh as a just-opened bottle, tasting exactly the way the winemaker intended.

Additionally, FreshTAP kegs are far more environmentally sustainable than standard bottle service.
• FreshTAP kegs can be used for up to 20 years which reduces the carbon footprint of the same wine poured out of bottles by 96% over that period.
• Each keg will save 2,340 lbs of trash from the landfill over its lifetime.
• Each new keg FreshTAP puts into service is like taking the average car off the road for 2 years.
• One stainless steel keg saves the CO2 equivalent to that sequestered by 28 trees.

We’re dedicated to giving downtown Ottawa the best service possible – with the environmental and taste-quality benefits of FreshTAP wine it was a quick decision to include it in our service.

Learn more about the benefits of FreshTAP wine: